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Design & Production

Petro-Chem can design surface production facilities for vertical and horizontal wells.  Our design experience spans wells that are flowing and /or require artificial lift.  We currently operate wells utilizing the following production equipment:

- Rod pumps with pumping units

- Gas Lift Systems

- Plunger Lift Systems

- Amine Units, Glymine Units, Refrigeration Plants, JT Units, Dehydration Units & Submersible Pumps

- Compressors for both gas injection & sales

- Automation Services

All design and production operations are designed with safety first as per industry standards.

Petro-Chem utilizes inhouse and contract personnel to keep direct control on all completion associated services and expenses.  Using the IHS Field Direct data collection service gives our clients the ability to track their daily production at their convenience without having to go through the hassles of email or phone requests.

Petro-Chem takes care of all your regulatory requirements by staying up to date on the constantly changing State and Federal statutes.

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