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Petro-Chem provides comprehensive operational expertise for all completion related services for vertical and horizontal wells. We can contract complete your wells for you and / or with you. Any and all special completion requirements can be tailored to the client's needs. Services provided include: Supervision of running and cementing casing strings (surface, intermediate, production, liners & tie-back strings), land and / or lease management, cost estimates (AFE's), completion procedures, overseeing all completion operations both office & field (completion procedures, equipment & service bidding, wellsite supervision, assist in frac design, production facility design).  All completion operations are designed with safety first as per industry standards.  Our land department oversees all surface damage issues, abstracting and title work to provide accurate and timely division orders.

Petro-Chem utilizes inhouse and contract personnel to keep direct control on all completion associated services and expenses. All services are bid out with experienced, local vendors to provide our clients with "local knowledge" to help ensure completion operations go as smoothly as possible.

All joint interest billings and accounting services utilize Wolfepak accounting software.

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